Leading Consulting Firm
– Enterprise Architect

“An emerging consultancy firm to provide one-stop solutions for SMEs/SMIs, in helping businesses in the areas of financing, strategic business planning, IT consultancy and business exit – including business matching.”


“Whether setting up or growing a business, equity and debt financing are two ways for businesses to raise capital.”

ASEAN’s First
Investor Incubation

“As ASEAN’s first investor incubator, we are the pioneer at the forefront of equity financing and investor incubation, bringing together investors and SMEs/SMIs who need funds.”

Why We're Here

We are an investment platform that offers educational and incubation programmes to cultivate angel investors towards dexterously evaluating and investing in promising businesses.

We also provide corporate advisory for SMEs/SMIs that require funding to grow their businesses or projects together with exit strategies such as IPO, business matching, business continuity programmes, and family office set-ups.


  • To participate and promote the capital market and equity funding to assist SME/SMI growth.
  • To help members become qualified investors through the platform.
  • To help members invest into good opportunities with the support from our professional core team.


  • To become ASEAN’s leading private equity investment club and wealth club.

We stay abreast of the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship

We fluidly materialise and execute your business ideas

We have specialised expertise in industries of the future